Thursday, September 25, 2008

...a balancing act

well, i am a full fledged cosmetologist and vanir has 1 more semester til he graduates from USF. He also became a citizen last month. Can you believe that? we have been married 10 years in February and darn it, we have actually accomplished some of our goals!! (and added another beautiful girl to our family-Miley!) I couldn't be happier! (and if you know me, i am singing the song in the background from the broadway muscial"Wicked" la la, i couldn't be happier, right dear!, couldn't be happier, right here..........) i am going to see it hopefully in march.
balancing all the things to do has been hard, but luckily i have had a great support system. my mom, hubby, shannon (my babysitter for miley) and great people to work with on both my side and vanir's. having a great work atmosphere is soooooo important. i don't feel like i work. its mostly play! that's why i love being a stylist. we just chit-chat about life, work, family and make people feel better when they leave-physically and mentally.
well, gotta run to work and make some moooolah!