Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool Mom Points!!!!!

Last nite we went to Mariah and Carl Reynold's house for a gator game party. It was fun. We got home after midnight and settled to sleep at 1am. So today is Friday. Payson got a 100% on his spelling test wednesday so he doesn't have to take it today. Gabs has a substitute b/c her teacher is a gator alumni. Sooooooo....translation? Mom gave the kids a skip day today. Yeah, I'm cool. I'm awesome. I made the kids repeat---"who is the awesomest mom in the whole planet world?????? "YOU ARE!!!!!!"
I did 4 haircuts during the game, which I usually enjoy. However everyone was yellling and jumping up, I almost stabbed a few of my clients! I seriously did! I like socializing and 3 of the 4 didn't talk much. Anyways, It was fun. Mariah had plenty of room for everyone , good food,and we even played a few games of slamwich while we were there. It was weird tho b/c it wasn't until the ride home I asked Vanir who won and he said the gators. No one even said anything. I mean these guys were loud and jumping around and no one yelled when they won. Or maybe I just zoned it all out by the end of the game. I brought the camera to take pics and put them on of the blog, but i was cutting hair and never got around to it. Oh well. I love all these get togethers. Can't wait to have one of my own!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Facebook | Videos Posted by Mickey Cox

Facebook Videos Posted by Mickey Cox

Rockin' New Years Eve Party at Downey's

This party was so much fun! (of course it always is b/c all of my childhood friends are there) Gabby and I took the stage with our rendition of "Popular" from wicked and we brought the house down. Then, by request, and a little pushing, Amy and I did our 15 yr old "interpretive dance" to "Love of a Lifetime" by firehouse. (we learned this dance from our counselor at EFY a looooong time ago.) We have decided next year Amy and I will make up our own to a new song. Only b/c of the constant demands of our fans to bring them sonething fresh next year! Well, we have to please the fans shall be done. (amy just had a baby a few weeks ago so we never were able to practice)

This party has a mongolian BBQ which is excellent, but the line was long this year. (you make the chx, or meat, in a wok and add whatever you like) So it takes time. There is also round robin ping pong tournament, Rock band on the PS2- the teenagers like to play that, a trampoline, bounce house for the kids, a DJ, and a whole lot of people from 2 wards. (we just had a ward split and we are all still in denial and we all come to each others activities now) You get the idea---FUN!!! oh yeah, i forgot, karaoke too. I actually never got to go, I was up and it was a quarter to midnight so we paused and i never did it. Gosh, I probably disappointed alot of people! :) Maybe next year. Well, if you go on facebook you can see 15 minutes of the whole party with the Dj rapping, me "bustin a move" all over the place, the lines for mongolian BBQ, amy and I's interpretive dance, the works. It's hilarious. But usually when the Limas are around, it always is.

I have a few New Years goals that I am working on. Wish me luck.

1. make my bed. i have done pretty good on this lately.

2. read my sciptures daily. more positive.