Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm on my way with marykay!

I am going to apologize ahead of time because I'm sure this is gonna sound like an info-mercial. But, I LOVE MARY KAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I last wrote on my blog, I feel like I have improved my business skills, and progress tremendously. I am officially graduated form my boot camp training and have been "let loose" to do my thing. I have had 3 classes and have 2 recruits currently. 1 more recruit and I am at my goal of red jacket. ( i am a senior consultant now) I just got my first commission check from the company for my contributions! I am working my mary kay business slightly different b/c of my cosmetology background. I am doing a mini facial and introducing the microderm and booking classes. it is working! people r more willing to come for a facial than sit there and me tell them how to put it on themselves! so far i have booked 3 classes and have only done 3 facials. so, 100% bookings! It has helped me organize myself, set goals and really give me the momentum and motivation as well as recognition for my success, (and who does not like recognition when u do something right) Oh, and I dont have to worry about every getting fired or laid off. It just makes sense for me. I am so glad martina invited me to do this. Thanks Tina!!!
lets see, what else is new? Oh, my flooring was purchased and is set to be soon as vanir finishes this semester! 1 more to go and he is official! (whew!) We had all 3 kids birthdays this past month. Miley is officially a terrible 2!!!! payson is 10 and gabs was baptized and turned 8! I really feel like vanir and I have turned a huge corner in our relationship also. I think we are growing up and leaving old habits behind. our communication skills have improved tremendously! (i guess it does help when ur mom is a therapist- she sent us a great cd too )
so.....i guess in closing if u haven't tried is the time. check out my website. call and book a microderm class or 1 on 1 color classes are all complimentary. xmas is right around the corner. i can suggest some great gift ideas! hugs and kisses everyone and remember......(beatles song playing....ALL U NEED IS LOVE....DAT, DAT, DA,DA,DA...ALL U NEED IS LOVE,DAT,DAT,DA,DA,DA, ALL U NEED IS LOVE, LOVE....LOVE IS ALL U NEED!)
enjoy life, make money and take care of ur sweet family!
p.s. if u want to join my team- call me..lets talk!!! 941-524-2733 (wink, u know i couldn't resist a recruiting plug!)