Monday, December 29, 2008

well, vanir just came back from the house and the few things that needed to be fixed are fixed in the house! We have signed all the paperwork for the bank. (since it is banked owned-we r done) we are shooting for a closing in january but officially it is feb 6th. we are totally stoked!!! the house is move in ready. however, we hope to do some hardwood in the living area and upgrade the kitchen a little bit. (kitchens are what sells homes and our home is upgraded like crazy ----except for the kitchen?) our plans: for sure ,new hardware,new countertops, maybe corian or tile? definetley a backsplash- there is nothing, and perhaps new cabinets if we can find some salvaged or at a steal. for the most part that is just our investment to later be able to sell it easily. the home needs nothing. oh yeah, the garden tub in the masterbath was never installed? that is a definite "gotta have" for the future. if i work part time, my first paycheck-shazam! my tub!'s hoping that we get a good tax return and obama sends that stimulus check. mama needs a new tub!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas

Well it is 7 mintes til christmas. We had a great christmas eve. We went to dinner with my dad and his new girlfriend to the roaring 20's. It was nice. I think the kids loved the piano after they got used to the loudness of the pipes. (For those of you who don't know, its a large organ that comes out of the ground and rises up onto a stage and the entire room is surrounded by the pipes-so it is really loud) I even put in a request for htem to play somewhere over the rainbow for vanir!
After that we decided to be catholics. Vanir wanted to do something religious on christmas eve, so we busted in on a chritsmas eve service of our local catholics. As we walk in the door, I see a lady that runs the island preschool and her son, Ethan , Payson's buddy from class. It's then I remeber that I still owe them money. I hate that. The service was okay. Alot of rituals I'm not used to. The choir was good. They sang a good Amy grant song, Breath of Heaven ,that is one of my favorites. The kids were a little skeptical at all the crosses, and women touching their faces and blessing them, but we survived, the people were very friendly.
So, now I sit here next to a snoring man who promised me a night I won't forget......well......I think he forgot.
I have a cheapskate confession...this year I did something very, very, tacky but I dont feel guilty at all. One of the larger families in our ward does this and I decided to give it a whirl. I put each childs presents in a seperate black garbage bag. There I said it. It's out. Whew, It does feel better. I don't care. I'm simplifying. Yeah..... I am eliminating waste. I couldn't put myself to buying the paper, wrapping for hours --alone and then cleaning up all the paper afterwards. It is my new tradition I added this year. Sorry kids, it's glad bags this year--BE GLAD!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the christmas miracle

yesterday we did the inspection and appraisal on the house. actually vanir, with his new savviness on problem finding, did the inspection along with prez. alvarez,(his boss and branch president of our old branch) and co-worker,saul,(his BFF). they found a few things wrong, but nothing unfixable by the handy dandy yoder farms crew. anyway, that us not what the story is about.
because prez alvarez loves us and we love him. we decided to go to their branch xmas party after some persuading. (their food is always much better than the american wards- we should know we went to all the ward parties except for our own--we were sick that nite)
So........ we walk in an hour late, not usually a problem according to latin american mormon standard time, and the place was packed! No room in the Inn, ya know. they were placing people in the relief society room. well, of course they made room for us. We were oldies in the ward, and for goodness sake, the branch president invited us, right! well, 45minutes later they did the nativity and then at a quarter to nine they started the food. they announced investigators first-members last. well, right then and there i was already planning out in my head what i wanted from mcdonalds next door. There was no way there would be enough food for all the people there AND some left over for us!!!! seriously, vanir joked that some bus from guatamala dropped off a whole truckload of migrants. I wish i would have taken a pic of the gym.
I was helping pass out food to the moms who couldn't get up in line(cuz the line was wrapped around outside the gym down the hall---it was loooooong!) one of the little moms said,"que dios le bendiga,mi amor. muchisimas gracias!"(for the gringos- thats may god bless you, my love, millions of thanks )she was so happy that i served her. I was taken back. I forgot I was in latin world again. where everyone is grateful and attacks you with "besos" like crazy when u come in the door. I flashbacked to my mission. This is the good stuff. This is what I loved about the spanish branch. I kinda miss it. (note to self--teach your kids spanish!!!!!)
well, when it was out time to go up. I couldn't believe there was a whole ton of food left. Even tortillas!!!! The deserts were there too!!! I was in shock. vanir and I looked at each other in amazement. we decided that it was a christmas miracle.
then, of course when the food was over-santa came. and yes, there was a pinata. here's the funny part. those kids hit that pinate for abot 35 minutes. finally when the big kids had their shot- they broke it and guess what came out!? nothing!!!! vanir, of course, says, "its the economy man, things are tight! " "no candy this year, can't afford it-just hit the pinata and be happy you even have the pinata." i was laughing then I got mad, why the heck did they get all those kids excited about an empty pinata. all the children were crying and the parents were all looking at each other like," how do we explain this?" well, the sobbing was drowned out by the DJ who started blaring the salsa music. Vanir and I cut a rug a bit. I did most of the cutting, vanir stood there trying to count the beats and figure out how to look macho and dance at the same time. I must say he has come a loooong way. It's the mexican in him. I married a brazilian, but i swear there's more mexican in that kid. so the lesson here is---
1. never, ever doubt-god provides.
2.make sure you put candy in before you line up 50 kids to hit a pinata for half an hour.
3. always remember, even tho it may not look like it from the outside--- that the latins do it best
Have a nice christmas season. enjoy each other!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new move!... new job?

WEll, last week I applied to Regis corporation for a part time job. I interviewed like normal and the next day was called by the regional manger to have a second interview. I thought this was weird to have a second interview for a part time a salon. However, I haven't been in the corporate world for sooo long, what do i know. He told me he was considering me for a manager in sarasota store. I was a little taken back. He asked me if i eas interested. I said yes, not really knowing what I was saying yes to, but hey, I am capable right?! We interviewed again and then he officially offered the position to me. The next day we were told the bank took the offer on the house of $105,000. (the realtor told us that the bank most likely would not accept our offer, it was too low for a home of that caliber) The bad news was that we wouldn't be able to close for 30-45 days. That wasn't a problem, it would take me that long to pack and get thru the holidays! (we wanted to close before jan to get homestead) Well, i had to talk to the regional manager..again. I needed to tell him that I would not be bale to take the position until after the home was closed and we were moved in,etc. He was very understanding and told me he will hold a position for me in any location. I say I want to work then the opportunity comes and I wonder If it will be too much with Miley so young. I think when Vanir starts the Sherrifs office it will be easier to arrange the schedule. WEll, i wil tell you that calling the manager was the hardest thing i had to do. I hate to go back on my word. I know I'm weird.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

change...change is good.

so... I am finally realizing that I am old. By old I mean that things i thought I'd never grow tired of or ever ruffle my feathers before do. For example, the fair- i used to love it, in fact amy and I swore we would take our grandkids there and ride everything that looked dangerous and they would deem us "cool!" Planning everything- I realized that surprises make me nervous. I like to know what is going to happen so I can prepare. Well, hate to break this to you michelle but life is not like that.
well, for those of you who know me, you know we are moving in January. Yep, joining the old folks, getting a mortgage, yard to mow, neighbors to borrow eggs from, the works. I have absolutley gone mad. I actually had to use my asthma inhaler for the first time in 4 years yesterday! I am stressed, overwhelmed and afraid of what is around the corner. I find that so strange. I was never like this. I used to enjoy change, new friends, new areas to explore. I don't know where to begin in the house and so I haven't even started. (luckily our house is less than 600 sq ft so it won't take long once I do begin. :)
I just feel like staying in bed and doing nothing. That's a sign of depression isn't it? And I am so happy with all the positive things that are happening.....guess I'm just getting old. Relax michelle and just do it.