Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Much Better- Legally Blonde

This is the Broadway musical that started it all with me recently. This is Bailey, (not the original girl, whom I LOVE) The original actress is Laura Bell Bundy who is in the next clip called the c word. Enjoy.

The C Word

This song is from the origional lead for legally blonde. she now has out her own country album. She is awesome! Enjoy!

For Good Wicked PROSHOT

This is the finale song. It makes u cry. Probably If u watch the whole movie tho. This is a clip, so, not the same affect, huh? These ARE the original cast members. Idina Menzel and Christin Chenoweth. They have been on Glee as guest actors. Love Glee!!!!!

Kristen Chenowith's Last Popular

This is the song gabs and I performed for new years. you can watch it on FB. This is when they are made roomates in college and they are total opposites. It is very humorous.

Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth - Defying Gravity

Okay, here Elphie, the witch, sings her "hit" song defying gravity, she has out a wonderful cd also that is very' women empowering' kindof theme. I love it.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I can't believe I never blogged this! Okay, let me start at the beginning. One day I was on youtube searching for one of my fav broadway showtunes. (legally blonde) I came across another broadway looked alot like wizard of oz! (i LOVE wizard of oz!!!!!) I realized someone had snuck there video camera in and recorded THE WHOLE THING! So, i watched wicked on youtube the first time, bought the soundtrack and was completey hooked! I desperately wanted to go see it. I found out when it was gonna be in the area. I missed it twice. We either were broke or It was gonna be here in a time when both of us couldn't make it. Then vanir thought i should go with gabby, b/c we performed one of the songs at new years eve party at downeys house. (u can go to FB and see the funny video. I was glinda and gabs was elphie) I thought to myself, " She's 9!" I saw my first broadway musical when i was in college and I paid for it myself. I finally decided I would take her...a decision i would end up regretting.:) She was fine, it was just the usual, "when will it start? "how much longer?" "can I get the $45 tee shirt with elphaba on it?" you know, you know kids! Oh and it was freezing! I think it was in the low 20's that nite. We had little short cocktail dresses, strappy shoes, we froze! And our feet were killing us from walking around so much in 3 inch heels. It was great except for our seats were so high up it was hard to see their faces. ( Plus I have poor faraway vision) My new sister Caitlin came and we stayed at a 4 star, nice hotel! (thanks priceline-$30) I wanted to share some pics, so hopefully i can figure this out. If u haven't seen wicked, I highly reccommend it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's been a while since I blogged....I probably start out each entry the same way since i am so infrequent on here. I stll have a paper journal so maybe that is the problem. Good news in the Lima household....Vanir graduates in 3 weeks! This is 11 years coming!!!!! He will have a bachelors of arts and sciences in criminology. Exciting. On another note, we just found out the farm, where Vanir works, will be closing in 6 months. :( This is a bit scary. The economy has now personally hit us. We are weighing out our options and praying God will lead us where we are suppossed to be. It will be sad to leave our little home in north port. My first home! But, the first 10 years of our marriage we moved ALOT and I have learned not to become attached to material posessions. It still doesn't help.
I got back from my brother Tylers wedding last week. It was so .... sad? Like they are growing up and having marital relations!!!! AH! I cried a whole bunch. Then the drama started after the vows with pictures. I guesss thats what happens when ur mother is married to a self centered, arrogant, fanatical extremeist! Can u tell I can't stand him? Seriously, I feel like I should have been awarded some kind of medal of honor or bravery for having withstood 4 days of his blah,blah, blah antics. If u have not had the opportunity to meet Rick, then u probably don't understand my anger. Its not really him that I am angry with, with the things that happened I feel completely betrayed by my mother. He really needs meds or something to stay balanced and for my mother to be marrried to him makes me even question her sanity! I am so hurt, she hasn't even called me to see f we made it home okay. (We left her house at 10p and drove all nite to escape the madness of Rick) If I do call her I wouldn't even know what to say. If I even mention anything about Rick she will go into her dillusional state of, "rick would never say that, you exaggerate, he didn't mean it" and we will go around in circles. She will say," I can't pick sides I love you both!" To me thats bull, If Vanir has offended a frend or family I tell him. I am not scard to tell him he is acting like a terd! Her husband is so prideful, he would never apologize. he never has, for half the things he has said to me AND my kids. He never will. I think I am going to have to tell my mom that if she wants a relationship with me it will have to be 1 on 1-NO RICK. he causes problems and is in need of serious mental medical intervention. But Im sure she already knows that, thats why Im sure she married him. A "project" to fix. Well, good luck, Im OUT.