Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm on my way with marykay!

I am going to apologize ahead of time because I'm sure this is gonna sound like an info-mercial. But, I LOVE MARY KAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I last wrote on my blog, I feel like I have improved my business skills, and progress tremendously. I am officially graduated form my boot camp training and have been "let loose" to do my thing. I have had 3 classes and have 2 recruits currently. 1 more recruit and I am at my goal of red jacket. ( i am a senior consultant now) I just got my first commission check from the company for my contributions! I am working my mary kay business slightly different b/c of my cosmetology background. I am doing a mini facial and introducing the microderm and booking classes. it is working! people r more willing to come for a facial than sit there and me tell them how to put it on themselves! so far i have booked 3 classes and have only done 3 facials. so, 100% bookings! It has helped me organize myself, set goals and really give me the momentum and motivation as well as recognition for my success, (and who does not like recognition when u do something right) Oh, and I dont have to worry about every getting fired or laid off. It just makes sense for me. I am so glad martina invited me to do this. Thanks Tina!!!
lets see, what else is new? Oh, my flooring was purchased and is set to be soon as vanir finishes this semester! 1 more to go and he is official! (whew!) We had all 3 kids birthdays this past month. Miley is officially a terrible 2!!!! payson is 10 and gabs was baptized and turned 8! I really feel like vanir and I have turned a huge corner in our relationship also. I think we are growing up and leaving old habits behind. our communication skills have improved tremendously! (i guess it does help when ur mom is a therapist- she sent us a great cd too )
so.....i guess in closing if u haven't tried is the time. check out my website. call and book a microderm class or 1 on 1 color classes are all complimentary. xmas is right around the corner. i can suggest some great gift ideas! hugs and kisses everyone and remember......(beatles song playing....ALL U NEED IS LOVE....DAT, DAT, DA,DA,DA...ALL U NEED IS LOVE,DAT,DAT,DA,DA,DA, ALL U NEED IS LOVE, LOVE....LOVE IS ALL U NEED!)
enjoy life, make money and take care of ur sweet family!
p.s. if u want to join my team- call me..lets talk!!! 941-524-2733 (wink, u know i couldn't resist a recruiting plug!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Countdown to Halloween!!

If anyone knows our family really well, they know we absolutely LOVE halloweeen! In fact, we love it so much that we planned Miley's c-section on halloween. (and she almost didn't make that date-but that's another story.) So, September is perfect time to start getting in to the Fall spirit. Hence, my background change. (allyson-I did it all by myself) We wish we were in new england area sometimes, (i do in the summer when it is so stinkin hot), or I wish we were in the mountains in wyoming. However, this is not he case. We are smack dab in the middle of a tropical, humid, often stormy...FLORIDA!!! Vanir is the one who holds us here-against our will! :) I like being close to my family tho, but he lived in New Jersey and of course when we had to choose where to live when we were getting married he was happy to choose Florida. He said when I drove him over the skyway bridge, when I picked him up from the airport, that is when he was sold on Florida. On the island we were famous for our yard sculptures at halloween. We always used them as landmarks in the fall. ("yea, take a right at the spider on 26th st!") We often had tourist taking pictures in front of our house! I was flattered, Vanir would give them the, "hey, get out of our yard!" look thru the window. (they often threw their beer bottles and drinks in our yard.) Now, with our new home, I am so excited to start decorating! I even have the spider legs in the attic. I had to fight hard to keep those last year. On the island I just got new legs every year b/c they were so easy to come by with all the tourists. When I knew we were moving I packed them. ( I use noodles for the pool) He gave me that look when he saw them taped up. I won that fight tho!!!! HA! Stay tuned for pics of my home transformation. I already have alot of things purchased. I learned that Goodwill here is a great place to look. So, get decorating people and........HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before and Afters of my SALON

I have been working hard on my garage salon. It is coming along little by little. I realized I havenot posted anything here. (It's all on facebook) I got new business cards and headshots and window clings(which I can't find) and I am feeling like I am finally getting things done around here. I have picked up 3 color clients now too and that makes me feel good b/c I made 0 effort to get them. It's all about opening your mouth. I, fortunately, am VERY good at that! I hope that once I am official and get my floors and A/C on I should be able to really get people in here. To be continued.......

Sunday, August 30, 2009

You never know when someone may contact you and say,"hey!!! I'm your sister?!!!!!"

So one day, not too long ago, I was on Facebook, my fav pastime lately, and I was checking my inbox, when I recieved a message from a unknown friend. It said,....."since we have so much in common....i thought we should ge to know each other..... since we have the same dad and all...." I was very confused. She aasked me what my fathers name was. I replied, not knowing if this was the real deal or some sortof scam, "whats ur daddys name?" She said the full name of my father. At this point I still thought it was some really strange coincidence but didnt understand exactly what she meant. Then she told me the entire story. My dad and her mom had conceived her while I was in highschool. They didn't stay together and my dad has kept this a secret from alot of people, including me! However, I am glad to gain another sister.
Funny similarities between her and I
* She was on her cheer squad/dance team---me too
*Her name is Caitlin-spelled exactly like my other sister I've known my whole life
* She is in Cosmetology school---i just graduated last year
*She is into ballroom dancing---so am I (not many people do ballroom at a young age)

So, anyways, that day we IM-ed each other a while , then we called each other. Then her mom drove her down and I actually met her. They stayed all day and we had a nice time getting to know each other. (she is 18 yrs old just graduated from HS) We have a trip planned to universal studios next month for rock the universe. I hope I can get some free tickets!!! I am gonna try and call a radio station and get some ----with my story, I should get it for sure!!!!!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello, people who care about what is going on in my life and have time to read these bloggy posts! I guess there is alot to say about what I have been up to since I last made an entry. Let's see..........

Aline and mom and the kids came to visit us last month. We had a great time, even more important the kids had a great time with their cousins. Growing up in Florida, every holiday and especially every summer my mom and her sisters woud get together and we would go to the beach, go out on Uncle jims boat, Go to grandmas and swim, go on a getaway vacation to a lake, -u get the drift- family and water-- I always had time to play with my cousins. I have so many memories with my cousins and I want the same for my kids. Since times are tough and Vanirs family is spread out it is hard to get together. While Aline was here she mentioned that they had rented a house in NC on the water. She invited us to come up. I thought how nice that would be but blew it off b/c I knew Vanir wouldn't be able to do it b/c they lost 2 workers and he has alot of things to do on the farm + it was so last minute the vacation time is probably already taken by another employee. Vanir said if Vanizia went he would find a way to go, b/c that would mean the entire family would be together. (something that hasn't happened in a few years! there are kids we don't even know!) So, long story short we found out saturday vanizia was going and Sunday we left!!!!!!! crazy, i know. that is the way life always seems to go-last minute lucy!!!!

But we had a great time in Kill Devil Hills,NC. Altho it took us a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to get there, we enjoyed our time with family we hadn't seen for a while. The water was soooo cold. Since Dwight and I were the only gringos there, we were the only ones who enjoyed the water. It has been years since I boogie boarded and I very quickly remembered why I can only do it for a few hours b4 I'm exhausted. The waves were way higher than the Gulf, I was pummelled a few times and summersaulted faster than lightning under the waves. I wondered if Dwight had been rolled as fast as I, when we were boarding. But that kid just kept going out time after time! A girl can only stand so much beating! I felt proud that the florida limas got in the water and swam a bit. (OUR water is like 80 degrees)

We go to see all the new kids that we hadn't met- lolly, nivea, branden, we felt like we already new bella from watching her on youtube and seeing all Aline's post on her blog. (she takes blogging way more serious, i think ,than I) Played some intense tennis matches on the Wii, had some delicious food-thanks vanizia and Mom!!!- and almost played a great game of phase 10. (wink, wink Aline) I still think Paul was paid to come out there and end the game b/c I was actually winning!!!!!!!

This post has been in my saved drafts for a few weeks and I am finally getting it finished. This is the last week before school starts and I can say I had a great summer. My brother Tyler just left from a week stay and we had a fun time in the water too! I am heading to Adventure Island Thursday as our last hoorah before school starts. (shhhh, i might go while the kids r in school with a friend.)

So now I have to figure out how I post some pics on this thingy. grrrrrr, facebook is easier to go see my pics from vacation. so, facebook me???? my attention span has expired and now I must go. so are you all happy now??? I blogged. your welcome.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

These pics are 6 months old but I love them. I took them at the park and they turned out so well I gave them as xmas presents. Not too shabby, for an ameteur. I am looking to do some new fam pics this weekend if I am feeling better. Was gonna put the new dog in but I think she might be gone by this weekend. What do you all think?

I surrender......

This week started off great, then I got sick. I planted some flowers and dug out alot of grass with the help of two laborers who volunteered - with the influence of a pizza. I was so happy to find one of my clients knocking at my door too! She wanted to rebook her cut/color and couldn't get thru my phone. Always nice to know your services were appreciated and sought after. I went to see my cousins and had one of them stay over, Ryan. Payson was in hog heaven to have a boy to play with. They played basketball, ran around with the dog and played video games all nite long. Too bad he couldn't stay longer. Then I lost my voice. It has been bad for 2 days now. I have no fever, just congestion and a head cold. A bad headache in the morning and lots of flem. Yesterday I lost my wallet, which topped off my great day. The good news is I believe it is somewhere in the house, since I haven't left here in a while due to my sickness. I ordered pizza for the kids and then I couldn't find it. So...I surrender Lord, I turn my self over to you. HELP!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

welcome to my new clients

Since Graduation and Nationals Competition I have done weddings and Chi block coloring with highlift colors. I will post more before and afters as I aquire the pics. (Actually I always forget to take the pics b/c I am so busy with my clients. )
Here are two victims, I mean clients and there transformations! Don't they look great!

bienvenidos, aloha, welcome!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out who I am and what I can do for you. I love doing hair and make-up. It is something God has given me as a talent and I would love to share it with you. I currently have a referral program which could earn you a FREE haircut! (who doesn't like things for free?) I am still working on posting some of my pics with my before and after portfolio, so keep checking back for those. Since moving here I have met alot of awesome people and look forward to meeting and "making over" many, many more-with your help! Please call and make an appt. today!!! If you like me, spread it like a bad rumor!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mi casa nueva!!!!!!!

THe long awaited, and much of our new house. We have only been here a few months so we are still in the middle of decorating and purchasing furniture. Lots of fun! Let me know what u think? My uncle says for the price we paid the we "stole it!" He's a funny guy.
ok, i guess u have to watch them seperated, sorry.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i finally fixed it...yeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

I am back in the saddle again!!!!!! I couldn't get my page fixed and my background posted so i deleted everything and started over and ta daaaaa!!!
Well, alot has changed. We are in our new home...lovin' it! All unpacked and returned back to ur normal, sort of, routine. The kids have adjusted to their schoolwell. Gabby took a little longer than payson. She still misses her Island gals. We will see them at spring break for sure. we met our neighbors and have become fast friends. (the kids play well together and Payson found a basketball hoop that the neighbors gave to him) their school is only a few blocks away and we often ride our bikes there to the swings. all in all, we really like north port. as for our ward......well, i guess its hard to beat out my bradenton ward. but, it is hard to go every sunday.
on a better note, we r so happy to actually plan a vacation this year. 10 yrs and we have never really done anything out of florida- except visit fam in PA. (which is always fun) we r thinking a cruise or maybe even Brazil or Italy-its cheap right now.
well i have a horrible sinus headache and will elaborate moe, post pics of the house and dish on all the dirt of north port and my life. until then, adios amigos.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool Mom Points!!!!!

Last nite we went to Mariah and Carl Reynold's house for a gator game party. It was fun. We got home after midnight and settled to sleep at 1am. So today is Friday. Payson got a 100% on his spelling test wednesday so he doesn't have to take it today. Gabs has a substitute b/c her teacher is a gator alumni. Sooooooo....translation? Mom gave the kids a skip day today. Yeah, I'm cool. I'm awesome. I made the kids repeat---"who is the awesomest mom in the whole planet world?????? "YOU ARE!!!!!!"
I did 4 haircuts during the game, which I usually enjoy. However everyone was yellling and jumping up, I almost stabbed a few of my clients! I seriously did! I like socializing and 3 of the 4 didn't talk much. Anyways, It was fun. Mariah had plenty of room for everyone , good food,and we even played a few games of slamwich while we were there. It was weird tho b/c it wasn't until the ride home I asked Vanir who won and he said the gators. No one even said anything. I mean these guys were loud and jumping around and no one yelled when they won. Or maybe I just zoned it all out by the end of the game. I brought the camera to take pics and put them on of the blog, but i was cutting hair and never got around to it. Oh well. I love all these get togethers. Can't wait to have one of my own!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Facebook | Videos Posted by Mickey Cox

Facebook Videos Posted by Mickey Cox

Rockin' New Years Eve Party at Downey's

This party was so much fun! (of course it always is b/c all of my childhood friends are there) Gabby and I took the stage with our rendition of "Popular" from wicked and we brought the house down. Then, by request, and a little pushing, Amy and I did our 15 yr old "interpretive dance" to "Love of a Lifetime" by firehouse. (we learned this dance from our counselor at EFY a looooong time ago.) We have decided next year Amy and I will make up our own to a new song. Only b/c of the constant demands of our fans to bring them sonething fresh next year! Well, we have to please the fans shall be done. (amy just had a baby a few weeks ago so we never were able to practice)

This party has a mongolian BBQ which is excellent, but the line was long this year. (you make the chx, or meat, in a wok and add whatever you like) So it takes time. There is also round robin ping pong tournament, Rock band on the PS2- the teenagers like to play that, a trampoline, bounce house for the kids, a DJ, and a whole lot of people from 2 wards. (we just had a ward split and we are all still in denial and we all come to each others activities now) You get the idea---FUN!!! oh yeah, i forgot, karaoke too. I actually never got to go, I was up and it was a quarter to midnight so we paused and i never did it. Gosh, I probably disappointed alot of people! :) Maybe next year. Well, if you go on facebook you can see 15 minutes of the whole party with the Dj rapping, me "bustin a move" all over the place, the lines for mongolian BBQ, amy and I's interpretive dance, the works. It's hilarious. But usually when the Limas are around, it always is.

I have a few New Years goals that I am working on. Wish me luck.

1. make my bed. i have done pretty good on this lately.

2. read my sciptures daily. more positive.