Sunday, August 30, 2009

You never know when someone may contact you and say,"hey!!! I'm your sister?!!!!!"

So one day, not too long ago, I was on Facebook, my fav pastime lately, and I was checking my inbox, when I recieved a message from a unknown friend. It said,....."since we have so much in common....i thought we should ge to know each other..... since we have the same dad and all...." I was very confused. She aasked me what my fathers name was. I replied, not knowing if this was the real deal or some sortof scam, "whats ur daddys name?" She said the full name of my father. At this point I still thought it was some really strange coincidence but didnt understand exactly what she meant. Then she told me the entire story. My dad and her mom had conceived her while I was in highschool. They didn't stay together and my dad has kept this a secret from alot of people, including me! However, I am glad to gain another sister.
Funny similarities between her and I
* She was on her cheer squad/dance team---me too
*Her name is Caitlin-spelled exactly like my other sister I've known my whole life
* She is in Cosmetology school---i just graduated last year
*She is into ballroom dancing---so am I (not many people do ballroom at a young age)

So, anyways, that day we IM-ed each other a while , then we called each other. Then her mom drove her down and I actually met her. They stayed all day and we had a nice time getting to know each other. (she is 18 yrs old just graduated from HS) We have a trip planned to universal studios next month for rock the universe. I hope I can get some free tickets!!! I am gonna try and call a radio station and get some ----with my story, I should get it for sure!!!!!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello, people who care about what is going on in my life and have time to read these bloggy posts! I guess there is alot to say about what I have been up to since I last made an entry. Let's see..........

Aline and mom and the kids came to visit us last month. We had a great time, even more important the kids had a great time with their cousins. Growing up in Florida, every holiday and especially every summer my mom and her sisters woud get together and we would go to the beach, go out on Uncle jims boat, Go to grandmas and swim, go on a getaway vacation to a lake, -u get the drift- family and water-- I always had time to play with my cousins. I have so many memories with my cousins and I want the same for my kids. Since times are tough and Vanirs family is spread out it is hard to get together. While Aline was here she mentioned that they had rented a house in NC on the water. She invited us to come up. I thought how nice that would be but blew it off b/c I knew Vanir wouldn't be able to do it b/c they lost 2 workers and he has alot of things to do on the farm + it was so last minute the vacation time is probably already taken by another employee. Vanir said if Vanizia went he would find a way to go, b/c that would mean the entire family would be together. (something that hasn't happened in a few years! there are kids we don't even know!) So, long story short we found out saturday vanizia was going and Sunday we left!!!!!!! crazy, i know. that is the way life always seems to go-last minute lucy!!!!

But we had a great time in Kill Devil Hills,NC. Altho it took us a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to get there, we enjoyed our time with family we hadn't seen for a while. The water was soooo cold. Since Dwight and I were the only gringos there, we were the only ones who enjoyed the water. It has been years since I boogie boarded and I very quickly remembered why I can only do it for a few hours b4 I'm exhausted. The waves were way higher than the Gulf, I was pummelled a few times and summersaulted faster than lightning under the waves. I wondered if Dwight had been rolled as fast as I, when we were boarding. But that kid just kept going out time after time! A girl can only stand so much beating! I felt proud that the florida limas got in the water and swam a bit. (OUR water is like 80 degrees)

We go to see all the new kids that we hadn't met- lolly, nivea, branden, we felt like we already new bella from watching her on youtube and seeing all Aline's post on her blog. (she takes blogging way more serious, i think ,than I) Played some intense tennis matches on the Wii, had some delicious food-thanks vanizia and Mom!!!- and almost played a great game of phase 10. (wink, wink Aline) I still think Paul was paid to come out there and end the game b/c I was actually winning!!!!!!!

This post has been in my saved drafts for a few weeks and I am finally getting it finished. This is the last week before school starts and I can say I had a great summer. My brother Tyler just left from a week stay and we had a fun time in the water too! I am heading to Adventure Island Thursday as our last hoorah before school starts. (shhhh, i might go while the kids r in school with a friend.)

So now I have to figure out how I post some pics on this thingy. grrrrrr, facebook is easier to go see my pics from vacation. so, facebook me???? my attention span has expired and now I must go. so are you all happy now??? I blogged. your welcome.