Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why, O Why?

So, I am not sure what my real deal is. I have been frustrating myself so much lately. I really want to change. I want to be more optimistic, more spunky, perky, full of faith! Why do I let Satan control my thoughts and turn everything negative?? WHat does it say in Ephesians? For god hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of a sound mind?..... So if god does not give it to us who does? I know the answer to that question, at least. I know my potential, I really do. I see others in leadership and succeeding and I think, what seperates me from them? nothing! It is making up your mind to do something and doing it, not giving up, being consistent, and making alot of mistakes along the way. So maybe its laziness and lack of motivation? Possibly, but more than ever I think Its just DOING it! Something has got to change, and it has to happen soon!!! Pray for me please!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mom + Creativity= Happy Family

The Subway crew on "break" eating with dad.

"Lulu" making the sandwiches for dad.

Before Dad got home. We made a Subway sign, hats and name tags. You probabaly can't see this but Miley was the store manager. as daddy came in the door she yelled, "Welcome to Subway!!!!" Daddy wasn't sure what to make of our creativity.( we haven't been creative for a while, on the island we did our own web show for a while...) We had Payson call him and check where he was so we could get an idea of what time he would arrive at home. As always he suspected and lied to Payson and told him he would be late when he was rightoutside the door!!! So he came in the side door- spoling everything! I yelled at him to get back out there and comein the front door like a normal non-suspecting husband. (He knew something was up and tried to figure it out--sneaky little thing) The ids had a blast. Payson and Gabriella loved it.

We also did a "20 question interview show" It was better in person but I am posting it. (WARNING----it is long, but funny. full of miley announcing she has to poop in the middle, her dancing around thru the entire interview, payson making you sea sick with his poor camera skills, and much more)

All in all, we had a good time and hopefully we can have even more fun this summer. We have our own youtube channel and we haven't even posted a video yet, I think we need more practice for sure. So, get ready to see the wild side of the "Lima's"...OOOOOOOOoooooooLaLa. Gotta go watch Glee......

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Love Lucy Ball • Vitameatavegamin

she is gifted actress, hard to find nowadays.

i love lucy!

I got home from church today and started feeling horrible...again! what the heck is going on with my stinkin allerges? My nose started running and dripping like a faucet all day. So.....what do u do when u feel horrible and want to just veg? Turn on I love lucy marathon on hallmark channel. When I used to have tivo I had the entire collection of 'Ilove Lucy" on it and we would all sit around and watch it together. (there aren't many shows u can do that with nowadays) Of course my fav is vitametavegamin episode. I did that episode in college for a theater class. I was Lucy and i got an "A!'
As I am typing I have tissue rolledup and shoved in each nostril so It doesnt drop on the keys of my computer....TMI, huh? I hate these stinkin pine trees, they are killing me. I hope they stop reproducing soon. There sperm is killing my sinuses.
I am not in Primary anymore. (I was the chorister) I am now in Relief Society and really ahppy to just be. So used to being in "charge." I have enjoyed that about this ward. I am the activities leader. i love the rs presidency. they r so fun and witty. Oh, and there is a new girl in the ward, a S.A.H.M. yeah! I'm no longer the newbie. I had a breakfast friday at my house and played games and had over alot of new friends. i had a blast, i hope everyone else did too. i love company! Esp since we all fit in my new house. On the island we barely fit in the kitchen.
On another note, I think Vanir is SUPER excited about his graduation and up til a few weeks ago when he got his cap & gown he wasn't really sure he was gonna make it. I am so proud of him and glad I pushed him since he found out the farm might be closing sooner than later. Bad news, is he is planning on starting his graduate program for his masters in the fall most likely. Unless, he gets a super great job-not likely. He makes too much and probably would have to take a huge paycut. Well, we will keep praying and hoping that maybe the Lord will find favor in our famiy and help him get a good job. Alot of our friends and family are out of work. We sat our kids down and explained to them that no work=no money= no nothing. so dont ask for stuff. Good thing my kids are used to this song and dance.
Now if anyone has any idea how to dry up this runny nose, please post a comment. ciao!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Much Better- Legally Blonde

This is the Broadway musical that started it all with me recently. This is Bailey, (not the original girl, whom I LOVE) The original actress is Laura Bell Bundy who is in the next clip called the c word. Enjoy.

The C Word

This song is from the origional lead for legally blonde. she now has out her own country album. She is awesome! Enjoy!

For Good Wicked PROSHOT

This is the finale song. It makes u cry. Probably If u watch the whole movie tho. This is a clip, so, not the same affect, huh? These ARE the original cast members. Idina Menzel and Christin Chenoweth. They have been on Glee as guest actors. Love Glee!!!!!