Thursday, June 11, 2009

These pics are 6 months old but I love them. I took them at the park and they turned out so well I gave them as xmas presents. Not too shabby, for an ameteur. I am looking to do some new fam pics this weekend if I am feeling better. Was gonna put the new dog in but I think she might be gone by this weekend. What do you all think?

I surrender......

This week started off great, then I got sick. I planted some flowers and dug out alot of grass with the help of two laborers who volunteered - with the influence of a pizza. I was so happy to find one of my clients knocking at my door too! She wanted to rebook her cut/color and couldn't get thru my phone. Always nice to know your services were appreciated and sought after. I went to see my cousins and had one of them stay over, Ryan. Payson was in hog heaven to have a boy to play with. They played basketball, ran around with the dog and played video games all nite long. Too bad he couldn't stay longer. Then I lost my voice. It has been bad for 2 days now. I have no fever, just congestion and a head cold. A bad headache in the morning and lots of flem. Yesterday I lost my wallet, which topped off my great day. The good news is I believe it is somewhere in the house, since I haven't left here in a while due to my sickness. I ordered pizza for the kids and then I couldn't find it. So...I surrender Lord, I turn my self over to you. HELP!!!