Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mi casa nueva!!!!!!!

THe long awaited, and much of our new house. We have only been here a few months so we are still in the middle of decorating and purchasing furniture. Lots of fun! Let me know what u think? My uncle says for the price we paid the we "stole it!" He's a funny guy.
ok, i guess u have to watch them seperated, sorry.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i finally fixed it...yeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

I am back in the saddle again!!!!!! I couldn't get my page fixed and my background posted so i deleted everything and started over and ta daaaaa!!!
Well, alot has changed. We are in our new home...lovin' it! All unpacked and returned back to ur normal, sort of, routine. The kids have adjusted to their schoolwell. Gabby took a little longer than payson. She still misses her Island gals. We will see them at spring break for sure. we met our neighbors and have become fast friends. (the kids play well together and Payson found a basketball hoop that the neighbors gave to him) their school is only a few blocks away and we often ride our bikes there to the swings. all in all, we really like north port. as for our ward......well, i guess its hard to beat out my bradenton ward. but, it is hard to go every sunday.
on a better note, we r so happy to actually plan a vacation this year. 10 yrs and we have never really done anything out of florida- except visit fam in PA. (which is always fun) we r thinking a cruise or maybe even Brazil or Italy-its cheap right now.
well i have a horrible sinus headache and will elaborate moe, post pics of the house and dish on all the dirt of north port and my life. until then, adios amigos.